Spice up your writing with these recommended books

Want to write better?

Of course!

We all want to improve our writing. I know I’m learning every day about ways to deepen characters and write slick web copy. Sometimes I try to learn too much and end up reading much more than I’m writing. (Procrastination anyone?) But at least I’m doing something daily to further my goals of publishing my first novel…or so I tell myself.

Here is a short list of books that I highly recommend if you want to give your fingers a break and dive into some craft eyeballs first.

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Newsletter is Live!

I decided to just go ahead and do it. I made my first newsletter sign up page and intro newsletter. Thank you, MailerLite for their easy system! If you want to get a FREE preview of one of my upcoming works sign up for my newsletter and you’ll be sent your welcome email with the snippet included. I typically write M/M romance, but this sample of Where You Go I Will Follow is a zombie horror short story. There are some sexy times but it isn’t going to be one of my “rainbows and flowers” type stories. I use writing to … Continue reading Newsletter is Live!

The first draft’s job—to be crappy

“The first draft of anything is shit,” so said Hemingway.

This is a concept I’m having a difficult time dealing with. You see, I’m more or less a pantser and I have an awful habit of trying to edit while I write. This usually takes hours upon hours of time just to get down a mere couple thousand words. And let’s be honest, they are far from perfect even with the so-called editing I did while trying to write them. I end up not wanting to take the immense time to crank out subpar work, yet isn’t that what it’s supposed to be at first? Continue reading “The first draft’s job—to be crappy”